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How to Choose Your Ideal Skin Treatment: Factors to Consider

How to Choose Your Ideal Skin Treatment: Factors to Consider

We’ve all had a few qualms with our skin at some point in time, and the irregularities only increase with age. While you’ll never experience baby-soft skin again for yourself, there are plenty of professional treatments out there that promise to alleviate scars, wrinkles, blemishes, and discoloration. Minimally invasive skin treatments are exceptionally popular, with microneedling alone reaching a market size of over $472 million in 2020.

Harmony Med Spa provides such services to patients in Sarasota, Florida, so you can enjoy a clear and bright complexion and let your natural beauty shine. Board-certified nurse practitioner and skin care specialist Jessica Simone, APRN, has a keen eye for stunning results and can help you select a treatment based on your health, needs, and primary goals. Harmony Med Spa specializes in industry-leading aesthetics that don’t sacrifice simplicity for exceptional, long-lasting results. 

If this is your first time venturing into skin treatment territory, you have many factors to consider while making the decision of which treatment you’d like to get. Jessica and our team are happy to give you more information on all of the available treatments as you make your decision. For now, you can review the main factors to consider here on our blog. 

What are your main goals?

There’s something for everyone in the skin treatment selection at Harmony Med Spa. By offering a diverse range of procedures, Jessica and the team are able to help countless men and women enjoy smoother, brighter, and more youthful complexions. They offer treatments to:

If you have many goals that you can’t necessarily fulfill with a single treatment, Jessica and the team can give you a comprehensive care plan with multiple procedures and home skin care recommendations. 

How intense are you willing to go?

While they’re all noninvasive or minimally invasive, our treatments vary in intensity. Some of them, namely polydioxanone (PDO thread lifts), take only 45 minutes or so but involve several small incisions. If you want something simpler that doesn’t require incisions or injections, a signature facial is a better fit for you. 

Learning about the process of each skin treatment option helps you compare them and decide which one aligns with your goals and fits into your routine. 

Possible limitations

As advanced as facial aesthetics and skin care have become in the past few decades, no treatment is a miracle cure for aging skin. While minimally invasive treatments can deliver stunning and natural-looking improvements, they still cannot entirely restore the softness your skin had in your youth. 

Jessica and the team make sure you have realistic goals for whatever treatment you choose, informing you of specific limitations ahead of time such as a limited duration of results or skin concerns a specific treatment cannot address. You might also have health issues or skin conditions that disqualify you from certain skin procedures. 

Treatments we offer

You have multiple skin treatment options in our office that can produce the results you want to see. During your visit, Jessica and the team can answer your burning questions about:

Our team can also teach you the best practices for maintaining your results as long as possible with a home skin care routine or touch-up treatments down the road. 

Make your skin treatment decision today with our help. Call Harmony Med Spa to set up your appointment, or quickly and easily book online

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