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Can a PRP Facial Fix My Dry Skin?

Can a PRP Facial Fix My Dry Skin?

Rough, dry, or flaky skin may or may not come from an underlying dermatological condition like eczema or psoriasis. Sometimes your skin becomes thin, flaky, or scaly because of the environment you’re in or the number of showers you take. Certain medical treatments or products you use can also sacrifice your skin’s hydration even if they benefit you in other ways. Not to mention, aging is one of the main causes of dry skin because aged skin produces less oil. 

You might not care to find out why you have dry skin just as long as there’s a solution available. While skin-drying conditions like atopic dermatitis require more intensive and targeted care, a simple facial from Harmony Med Spa in Sarasota, Florida, can tackle most run-of-the-mill skin dryness. 

Board-certified nurse practitioner and skin care expert Jessica Simone, APRN, often recommends the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial to address dryness and similar skin problems associated with aging and sun damage. PRP uses healing components from your blood to repair and revitalize your skin. You can find everything you need to know about PRP facials for skin hydration in this blog. 

The science of skin hydration

Hydrated skin is soft, supple, and smooth. Oils and lipids in your skin play a critical role in maintaining your skin’s moisture. They’re part of the moisture barrier, or stratum corneum, which is comprised of dead skin cells on your skin’s surface. Together, the oils and dead skin cells block water particles from leaving your skin cells. However, this moisture barrier can dry out when it gets damaged. 

When your skin’s moisture barrier is breached, the underlying cells lose moisture and shrivel up. That’s why dryer skin leads to more noticeable irregularities including:

If your skin isn’t dry because of some underlying medical condition, it may feel dehydrated because of:

Even if you can’t identify the cause of your skin dryness, a PRP facial can work to restore your skin’s moisture barrier so it can stay hydrated and stop cracking. 

How PRP can help

PRP is a substance that comes from a processed sample of your own blood. You can get it by removing the red and white blood cells from a blood sample, leaving only the liquid plasma and suspended platelets. When injected or needled into your skin, those platelets release growth factors to kickstart the healing and repair process. 

The tangible results of a PRP facial for your skin come from cell regeneration and collagen formation. Cell proliferation happens, reinforcing your skin’s protective moisture barrier so it can hold onto water molecules and stay supple. It takes a few weeks or months to see the complete result, but the elevated hydration is worth the wait. 

Though PRP facials are highly effective at alleviating age-related skin dryness, research suggests that PRP facials can treat eczema-related dryness too. Jessica evaluates your medical history and can verify if a PRP facial meets your needs. 

Reinvigorate your skin today

Ready to restore your skin’s plump and youthful essence? Call Harmony Med Spa or book a visit online for a hydrating PRP facial consultation.

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