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AviClear: Can It Help Me Get Rid of Inflammatory Acne?

AviClear: Can It Help Me Get Rid of Inflammatory Acne?

Some acne doesn’t respond to skin care products or any of the home remedies you find online. If your acne is severe and treatment-resistant, it might be inflammatory acne. Inflammatory acne blemishes are red, swollen, tender, and often widespread. Aside from your face, you can develop inflammatory acne on your back, chest, and shoulders too. Such severe acne calls for professional intervention, and Harmony Med Spa has the solutions you need. 

Located in Sarasota, Florida, Harmony Med Spa provides advanced and personalized care for all of your cosmetic skin concerns. Board-certified nurse practitioner Jessica Simone, APRN, delivers high-level care for inflammatory acne and a range of other conditions using the latest evidence-based procedures in aesthetic medicine. The right treatment can lower inflammation, reduce oily skin, and eventually clear your acne altogether. 

AviClear® is a prime example of such a procedure. Powerful enough for inflammatory acne, this laser treatment has considerable benefits beyond simply clearing your skin. AviClear treatment offers:

So what should you expect from AviClear treatment for inflammatory acne? Read on to find out how AviClear works and what you should expect during treatment. 

How a laser can take care of your acne

As we’ve established, the AviClear treatment involves a dermatological laser. The laser targets oil glands within your skin to reduce their oil production. Overactive sebaceous glands are a major cause of any kind of acne, even if there are external factors like a sugary diet, hormones, or humidity. 

The best part of AviClear? It works for any type of acne. Your acne can range from mild with only a few lesions to severe, inflammatory, and cystic. No matter where your acne lies on the scale, AviClear can help. It also works on any skin tone. 

Anticipating your results

Don’t expect to see a full clearance of your acne immediately after your first AviClear treatment. As with many cosmetic procedures, patience is key. Most people require around three 30-minute treatment sessions to see the best possible results, and these sessions should be scheduled 3-4 weeks apart from each other. 

Jessica and the Harmony Med Spa team offer three AviClear treatment packages to customize your care plan based on the severity of your acne: Standard, Plus, and Ultimate. Starting with a thorough examination of your skin, Jessica evaluates your case and can tailor your treatment plan accordingly. No matter what, you can expect the procedure to start taking effect immediately even if the results aren’t quite instantaneous. 

Your results may or may not be permanent. If your acne returns months or years down the road, simply contact Harmony Med Spa for touch-up treatments about once a year or so. 

Caring for your skin after AviClear

Jessica advises you to be mindful of extra skin sensitivity following a laser treatment such as AviClear. To avoid irritation, you should invest in a broad-spectrum sunscreen to use daily and avoid heavy, oily skin care products that can clog your pores. You may continue taking any medications unless Jessica advises you otherwise. 

Ready to get started?

Jessica welcomes you to visit Harmony Med Spa for a consultation regarding AviClear for your inflammatory acne. To schedule a consultation, call the office or use the convenient online booking button on our site today.

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