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When to Consider Laser Therapy for More Youthful Skin

When to Consider Laser Therapy for More Youthful Skin

The changes that your skin undergoes over time are some of the most visible signs of aging to those around you and to yourself when you see photos or look in a mirror. Due to wrinkles, sagging, and spots, there are stark differences between your skin now and as little as 5-10 years ago. 

Many people treat themselves to cosmetic procedures that minimize some of these signs of aging. Some treatments target singular features, like Jeuveau® for fine lines, while others provide a more comprehensive result. Laser therapy with a CO2 laser is in the latter category. 

For residents of Sarasota, Florida, and surrounding communities, Jessica Simone, APRN, provides CO2 laser treatments at Harmony Med Spa to restore a more youthful complexion with fewer lines and blemishes. 

There are times when CO2 laser therapy is a great choice of skin treatment, and there are times when other treatments are a better fit. Review this guide to decide if you should consider laser therapy for more youthful skin. 

You want comprehensive improvements, not just one or two 

One major benefit of laser therapy using a CO2 laser is that it provides many improvements. If your skin is riddled with age-related features rather than having a wrinkle or two that stands out, laser therapy is an excellent option. 

A CO2 laser treatment removes thin, precise layers of skin without harming the tissue below. This boosts cell regeneration and minimizes the appearance of many of the most common tone and texture problems that aging men and women face, including:

You don’t have to limit a CO2 laser treatment to just your face either: If you have age-related features on your chest, neck, arms, or hands, 3-4 CO2 fractionated laser treatments at Harmony Med Spa can take care of those, too.

Skin care is a high priority for you

Getting a CO2 laser treatment means taking excellent care of your skin for days, weeks, or months following the procedure. Ideally, you already do this, but lagging with your skin care routine after laser therapy can lead to unnecessary irritation. 

Because your skin is extra sensitive after the treatment, you must apply sunscreen generously every day and reapply at least once every two hours. Broad-spectrum sunscreen shields your skin against potential damage from ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. 

Additionally, you should invest in a moisturizer to combat dryness and extra irritation, and avoid harsh products like retinoids and glycolic acid for at least six weeks. 

Your expectations are realistic and attainable

While we’d all enjoy going back in time and borrowing our skin from our younger selves, it just isn’t possible to fully get rid of every skin-related indication of your older age. While the results of a CO2 laser treatment are quite remarkable and there’s no doubt you’ll see a big difference, laser therapy has its limitations.

While CO2 laser therapy can minimize features like jowls, wrinkles, and eye bags, cosmetic surgery provides much more distinct results. On the plus side, laser therapy is nonsurgical, involves far less healing time, and provides more natural-looking results. 

Think it’s a good fit?

A consultation at Harmony Med Spa can help you decide if laser therapy aligns with your goals and expectations. Call Harmony Med Spa or schedule an appointment online to plan your treatments today.

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