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Want Bold Brows Without a Ton of Makeup? Try Microblading

Want Bold Brows Without a Ton of Makeup? Try Microblading

Strong, symmetrical brows complement any face shape and features. Whether your brows are sparse, light, or asymmetrical, you might use cosmetics to adjust their shapes, sizes, or color. Makeup allows you to customize what your eyebrows look like, but it comes with a few inconveniences. 

If you’d rather not do your brows every morning but want to continue enjoying face-flattering eyebrows, microblading is something to consider. Our aesthetic experts at Harmony Med Spa in Sarasota, Florida, evaluate your facial features and take measurements to give you the ideal brow shape and angle. 

Licensed nurse practitioner Jessica Simone, APRN, performs microblading with the utmost care to give you desirable results without lasting irritation or complications. You can get the procedure by itself at Harmony Med Spa or with other self-care procedures like facials

How microblading can transform your brows

Microblading gives you the appearance of having full, symmetrical eyebrows that will make your friends envious. Not only does the procedure make your eyebrows look their best, it can have a positive effect on your entire appearance. Your eyebrows are shaped and sized to complement your natural facial contours. 

The procedure itself is similar to getting a permanent tattoo, but the results last for 18-30 months instead of forever. After evaluating the shape of your face and mapping out where to microblade, your provider chooses a pigment that’s similar to the natural shade of your brows. They use a handheld tool with a very fine blade on its tip to apply thin lines of color that look like natural brow hairs. 

Your provider continues etching “hairs” into the skin where your natural brows sit. With a high level of precision, the whole process can take up to a couple of hours. While your brows may look particularly dark when you leave the office, you can expect the pigment to fade to the color you expected within a couple weeks. 

The considerable advantages of microblading

If you’re a long-time makeup wearer and are accustomed to drawing or filling your own eyebrows every day, you may be interested in comparing your current regimen to getting microblading. Microblading has many benefits for you to consider while comparing the two. 

With microblading, you only need touch-ups once every 12-18 months depending on how dark or faded you prefer your brows to be. You do not have to apply and reapply makeup every day. Plus, with careful measuring and mapping, you can be sure that your eyebrows are as symmetrical as they can get. With makeup, your eyebrows may look a little different from day to day. 

You also get the most flattering color for your eyebrows with microblading, selected by an aesthetic medicine specialist. With makeup, there are only so many shades to choose from and you might accidentally (or intentionally) purchase a shade that doesn’t match well with your hair color. 

Because microblading involves small strokes of color that mimic the appearance of actual hairs, you don’t get a blocky or chunky effect with your eyebrows. It’s very easy to be too heavy-handed while doing your eyebrows with makeup, and microblading eliminates this issue. 

Ready for a consultation?

If you’d like to learn more about microblading and see how the procedure can sharpen your appearance, schedule a consultation by phone or online at Harmony Med Spa today. 

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