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Here's Why Fall is an Ideal Time to Start the Laser Hair Removal Process

Fall is an Ideal Time to Start the Laser Hair Removal Process: Here’s Why

The weather is cooling down and West Florida is seeing fewer and fewer 90-degree days. Here on the cusp of autumn, it’s an excellent time to start your series of semi-permanent laser hair removal sessions. By next summer, you’ll be hair-free and ready to sport your favorite swimsuit without worrying about ingrown hairs, razor burn, or nicks. 

Experienced aesthetic provider Jessica Simone, APRN, provides you with customized laser hair removal treatments according to your preferences and specifications. At Harmony Med Spa in Sarasota, Florida, you can minimize body hair with a series of initial treatments and touch-up treatments as necessary later on. 

While you can start laser hair removal at any time of year, fall is ideal. 

Why wait til fall? 

Tempting as it may be to start laser hair removal in the summertime, it’s better to hold off until September, October, or November. By starting your treatments later in the year, you’ll have an easier time with the aftercare. 

Laser hair removal doesn’t dictate many changes in your routine, but it’s important to note that your skin will be extra sun-sensitive as it heals. Following laser treatment, you’ll want to be extra diligent about sun protection. In the fall, it’s easier to stay out of the sun or at least wear clothes with more coverage. 

Additionally, waiting til fall for laser hair removal could help you avoid burns and similar complications of laser treatment. Because the device used in laser hair removal targets the pigment melanin, tanned or burned skin could be at risk of burns or damage from the laser compared to lighter-toned skin without less recent sun exposure. 

How long it takes to reach your goals

Starting laser hair removal in the summer means you’ll reach your goals in the late fall or wintertime. Most people require 6-8 laser hair removal sessions on targeted areas to achieve complete hairlessness, which can take months to complete as you should wait 4-6 weeks between sessions. 

If you complete your first laser hair removal session in September, you could realistically finish treatment in early spring. You’ll be ready to break out your summer wardrobe and fully enjoy your hair-free skin. Plus, you won’t need to worry about ingrown hairs and other skin complications that come with repeated shaving. 

What to expect

Harmony Med Spa uses an intense pulsed light (IPL) device for laser hair removal treatments. IPL is actually separate from laser light: It’s bright, scattered, and broadband, which means it has multiple wavelengths instead of just one like a standard laser. 

During treatments, you’ll wear protective eyewear to keep the bright flashes of light from damaging your vision. Jessica then treats the areas you choose such as your:

The results of IPL laser hair removal are semi-permanent, so you might see some regrowth appear eventually. You can treat any new regrowth with easy touch-up sessions here at our office. 

Ready to say goodbye to waxing appointments or weekly shaves? Call Harmony Med Spa to schedule your laser hair removal consultation or book a visit online today. 

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