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5 Benefits of Routine Facials

5 Benefits of Routine Facials

A customizable facial can revive your tired skin and leave you feeling refreshed. You might have the urge to book one every so often to unwind after a stressful week or as a form of occasional self-care. Of course, the occasional facial offers a few benefits for your skin: it feels softer, smoother, and less congested than before. But the true benefits come from adding facials to your monthly routine. 

Jessica Simone, APRN, provides facials among a broad selection of aesthetic and wellness treatments to make you look and feel revitalized. Here at Harmony Med Spa in Sarasota, Florida, you can customize a regular routine complete with facials and other services to keep hyperpigmentation, rough texture, wrinkles, and other features to a minimum. 

Are you considering adding our facials to your monthly routine? Consider these five benefits you’ll experience by doing so:

  1. Increasing the rate of skin cell turnover

Over the course of roughly a month, older cells on your skin’s surface die and shed off. At the same time, younger and healthier skin cells take their place. 

When you get monthly facials, this process speeds up. Instead of aging until they die and fall off, skin cells are forcibly removed during the facial process. This means the younger cells rise to the surface more quickly and there is less time for the older cells to stick around and affect your complexion. 

This faster cell renewal process also helps your skin better absorb the products you use every day. Without getting a facial, you can expect to use a product consistently for 6-8 weeks before you experience its benefits. When you’re working with younger and less damaged skin cells, the products work faster and are more effective. 

  1. Building more collagen

A facial with a gentle massage increases collagen production within your skin. Collagen is one of your skin’s building blocks: It’s a strand-like protein that gives your skin structure and firmness while minimizing wrinkles and sagging. 

It’s natural to lose collagen with age, which is a major reason why you start to see jowls, crepey skin, and other age-related features. With regular facials, you slow down the loss of collagen so you can enjoy a more youthful appearance as you grow older. 

  1. Lasting hydration

You can use moisturizers and other home products to fight dryness, but it often just comes back. Your skin might even become drier because of various sensitivities or deficiencies. 

If you struggle with dry skin, routine facials may help boost your skin’s natural moisturizer in the long term. A typical facial includes exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and extractions to remove debris from clogged pores. Both of these processes allow products to penetrate your skin more deeply while improving your skin’s ability to retain hydration. 

  1. Leaving puffiness behind

Do you feel like your face is too swollen even hours after you wake up? The increased puffiness could be due to fluid accumulation in your facial tissues. Part of your lymphatic system is just under your skin on your face, and lymphatic fluid and waste can accumulate within. A facial kickstarts your lymphatic flow to flush some of this fluid buildup out while detoxifying your skin. 

As a result of regular facials to drain lymphatic fluid and waste, you can enjoy sharper or more defined facial contours. 

  1. Reliable stress management

If you’re the type of person to book a spa service when life gets stressful, consider adding routine facials to your agenda. A facial helps you relax and is complete with a soothing and strategic massage. It’s an excellent option for healthy stress management, and you can look forward to your regular facials to reduce stress in your life. 

Unmanaged or poorly managed stress increases your risk of:

Routine facials don’t add any health risks to your life and can even reduce the risks you run by mismanaging your stress. 

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